Author Review: Sandra Boynton

Author: Sandra Boynton

Book Genre: Baby board books

Age Range: Baby/younger child

Sandra Boynton Lizas Homeschool Journey
Picture used with express permission from Sandra Boynton.

About This Author

Sandra Boynton writes books for babies and younger children (Check out her author page on I call her books baby board books because they are for babies, and they are hard board books. They’re perfect for infants, because they can’t be ripped easily, and if a baby were to suck on them, the books would be fine.

My Star Rating

I give Sandra Boynton 5 stars!

The top three things that I like about her are:

  1. She has illustrations of little cartoon animals,
  2. Her books are very funny, perfect to capture the attention of a younger child,
  3. Her books rhyme.

3 of Sandra Boynton’s Books That I Recommend

Hey! Wake up! is a story about waking up and starting the day with getting dressed, exercise, and breakfast. A perfect way to inspire children to do the same.
Hey Wake Up by Sandra Boynton
Pajama time! is about getting ready for bed. It shows the animals dressed in their p.j.s, brushing their teeth, getting in bed, and in the end shushing each other so that they can sleep.
Pajama Time by Sandra Boynton
One, Two, Three! is a counting story. It uses numbers to describe what different groups of people are good for such as, “One is good for a quiet walk. Two is good for a quiet talk.”, and so on.

One, Two, Three by Sandra Boynton

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