About My Husband

I married my husband Kenny in 2004 and we had our 6 kids in 8 years.  If you think I’m busy you’re right, and so is Kenny!  He has 2 masters degrees and works for Amazon as a Senior Program Manager.  We have always lived on one income and plenty of frugality.  Kenny loves blueberries, Brandon Sanderson novels, hunting & guns, a clean funny meme, and learning to do anything in code.  In his spare time he dreams up new business ideas and is the tech help behind my website.  What Kenny likes about being part of a homeschool family is “everyone’s excited attitude about learning”.


About my Kids

Kyryi is a fun junkie.  She loves anything FUN.  Kyryi has a large appetite for reading.  She loves cheese, horses, cats, e-book technology, and parties of any kind.  Her latest adventure has been learning and practicing French while living here in Luxembourg.  What Kyryi likes about being part of a  homeschool family is “going places with Mom and being able to stay home during the day”.


Eli is a video game nerd.  Some day he wants to play not just for enjoyment but for employment.  Eli loves competition, watermelon, wrestling with his brothers, pumpkin pie, and the Hardy Boys.  His latest adventure has been learning how to code on a raspberry pi.  What Eli likes about being part of a homeschool family is “everybody gets to learn together”.


Lailah is a designer.  I could fill a museum with her current works of art.  Lailah loves cookies, cupcakes, cake, wearing headbands, Hello Kitty, organizing and throwing a party, and telling good joke.  Her latest adventure has been helping her older siblings babysit.  What Lailah likes about being part of a homeschool family is “all our work is turned into fun”.


Levi is hard to keep up with.  His energy levels are envied by many.  Levi loves hugs, being outdoors, anything that drives, crepes for breakfast, and seeing how things work.  He wakes up with the sun and greets the world with a smile.  His latest adventure has been making friends with neighborhood kids who speak a different language.  What Levi likes about being part of a homeschool family is “you always have good help”.


Brigham is a storyteller.  He keeps us entertained with his wild stories and his favorite movie quotes.  Brigham loves nutella, sitting on Dad’s head in the middle of an all boys wrestling match, anything that he can swing around in his hand, and telling a good joke.  His latest adventure was going down the water slide at the pool with Mom.  What Brigham likes about being part of a homeschool family is “sitting on Mom’s lap” while we learn.


Cal is our toddler.  He keeps us busy.  Cal loves to wear shorts, hide in the kitchen cupboard, balls of all kinds, communicating with us using his stuffed animals, and being outside.  His latest adventure has been buckling his own car seat and highchair.