Want To Be A Better Homeschool Teacher?

Do you need to be a certified/professional teacher in order to homeschool? No. Do you need to have any experience in teaching in order to homeschool? Nope. Should you let a lack of teaching skills stop you from choosing to homeschool? Definitely not. Being a good homeschool teacher requires a lot of work and improvement but it’s possible if you are willing to learn.

What qualified me to be a homeschool teacher was my willingness to teach my kids in our home and also the knowledge and love I had for them as individuals. Over the years I have had to learn and acquire certain skills and knowledge in order to become a good homeschool teacher, and you can too!

That being said, teaching can be broken down into two main categories; what to teach and how to teach it.

What to Teach

“So, what should I teach?”. You will find yourself asking this question repeatedly throughout the years that you homeschool as your kids grow and progress. The answer to this question will give you direction so you can make a confident decision on which curriculum and materials to use. Deciding what to teach is an important step in knowing how to get started with homeschool.

There are 3 important sources to consider when asking the question, “what should I teach?”…

  1. Your state’s homeschool laws: Each state has their own laws regarding homeschool and this includes what subjects they require you to teach.
  2. Your child’s interests and passions: Each child also has their own individual interests and passions for life. They are born with unique talents and ways of seeing the world. Supporting who my children are individually has been one of the most rewarding parts of homeschooling for me and I hope for them too.
  3. The fundamental elements of literacy: Literacy is the foundation of learning. Once a child can read, write and speak their whole world opens up and the possibilities for learning become endless.

Apart from these three important sources there is a wide variety of things to teach, or not to teach, depending solely on your own discretion.  Make sure you have a strong case for why you will teach something or not before you spend the time and effort to do so.

Don’t burn yourself out or spend money you don’t have on teaching something that doesn’t really matter. Good teachers do their research! Become a better homeschool teacher by knowing exactly what you want to teach and why.

Click on the link below for some of my suggestions on what to teach apart from the basic educational subjects and sources listed above.

How to Teach

I think the biggest challenge in becoming a better homeschool teacher is learning how to teach  But once you face this challenge and overcome it learning how to teach becomes your greatest achievement. In doing so you acquire new skills and a new awareness that you didn’t have before. Learning how to teach really boosts your confidence and increases your abilities to work with people.

How to teach can be broken up into two categories; principles and methods.

A teaching principle is a fundamental, primary, or general law or truth. For example a lot of parents struggle with getting their child to be motivated to learn. So understanding the principles of motivation will enable the parent to influence their child to be motivated or to help keep them motivated.

A teaching method is a procedure, technique, or way of doing something. For example there are certain steps to follow when learning how to read. When you understand what those steps are and how they build on each other then you can follow the steps and teach anybody how to read!

To become a better homeschool teacher you must be willing to learn teaching principles and methods. It is like adding tools to your teaching tool box. The more tools you add the more you will be able to do because you will have the right tool for the job.

Click on the links below to start learning now!