What’s The Best Part About Being A Homeschool Kid?

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, W. A. Mozart, Florence Nightingale, Albert Einstein, C.S. Lewis, and many other influential people were homeschool kids?

One of the things that I love about homeschooling is that homeschool kids have time to do what they love.  They have the time and freedom to discover their personal interests and cultivate them with loving parental guidance.  In the spirit of supporting my children in doing what they love, and finding a way to share it with others, I decided to add my kids voices to my blog.

My Kids Share

Kyryi’s Author & Book Reviews

Kyryi is an avid reader.  She was reading large chapter books at the age of 5.  She has read possibly thousands of books already in her lifetime.  On regular family trips to the library she brings 2-3 bags of her own, fills them to bursting, and has it all read in a few days (no exaggeration).  Kyryi has a deep appetite for literature and information and is currently working on writing a book of her own.

Eli’s Game Reviews & Videos (coming soon!)

Eli loves games and competition.  He is very logical and observant.  Ever since he was young he has loved to play card games, board games, and more recently video games.  He is very good at following rules and making up rules of his own for a completely new way of playing.  Eli loves to fight, strategize, conquer, and win.

Lailah’s and Levi’s Lego Creations (coming soon!)

Lailah is a creative genius.  It’s all in her head.  She loves to build, draw, and imagine.  Jenga blocks = furniture, Minecraft = 3D architectural plans for a summer vacation home, and old clothes = a new barbie wardrobe.  Her current projects include writing and illustrating her own book series and building a new and improved barbie house.  Lailah’s recently discovered passion is legos.  She loves to take random legos and create something all her own.